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Well if I can get the video up onto youtube I will be putting the url of the lastest here. Having some difficulties with the ole system today. What I will ask seeing as the email to the Usual Suspects went out on the 29th of October 2008 and today is the 12th Novemeber 2008 is why havent the media been all over the government like a rash about this Simple Solution, cos its to Radical for them or is it that it came out of the mind of Crazydave.

From the previous blog regarding this issue you will note that I don't think much of Mr. Galloway didn't hear of him causing any ruckus in parliament at PMQ's since either, but then that might be a rigged game of who is allowed to ask what. I guess I will just have to look up what committees they have going on there and send copies of it to them.

But if they are anything like the Sustainability Committee down at the Welsh Assembly I won't get any answer or even an acknowledgement that I have sent them the E-mail. which is really more of the same Malfeasance Chief Constable, not that Bab's cares but there you, thats the criminal justice system for you. None existant for real crimes.

So yeah some of the issues also raised in the vid about Mental Health Charities and what they don't do for their Client Groups I have never heard it in the Media that Mind or Mind Cymru are pressurising Government to provide Mental Health Sufferes with a winter fuel allowance, as the majority of them are long lost and forgotten by this society, as most of them will not be being supported by family or what ever wouldn't that be something these charities ought to be fighting for on their behalf. After all the Charity workers all have nice warm offices to work in all day long and the wages to have a nice warm home that they would think of their clients.

Eh Mr. Brown but oh no, they couldn't even do anything about sub-standard housing that the council provide for the not so well adjusted members of society like myself. How many other below standard properties is Cardiff County Council letting out Chief Constable??????

But its not as if Mrs Wilding gives a toss about that Crazydave or apparently officers in her patch providing the courts with perjured evidence masquerading as fact. Then neither could the Crown Prosecution Service or the Judge in the Crown Court, totally amazing and thats justice Crazydave. Put it behind you Crazydave well how can I do that Judge I am still living in the same crap situation, and I recieved a letter from the councils planning dept about the Aviary Extension again for the ammended plans. I am still objecting cos if they let that go through then I will be having the guy who brought the claim for assault working there again walking on land that I once cultivated and the usual games startiong all over again.


Until I update more videos this will do for today
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